B.C. Wills Lawyers: Helping Clients Protect Assets & Loved Ones with Custom-Tailored Estate Planning Solutions

A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. A carefully drafted Will protects your property, your legacy, and the division of your assets. It allows you to plan ahead, ensuring that your wishes are honoured at the time of your death and that your family and heirs will not have to undertake an expensive and prolonged legal battle over the distribution of your estate.

The Importance of a Will 

An up-to-date and valid Will is one of the most important steps in creating a proper estate plan. Dying intestate, or without a Will, means the administration of your estate will be handled in accordance with the Wills, Estates Succession Act. But the law wasn’t written with your individual needs and desires in mind. Without a valid Will, you lose the ability to control the distribution of your estate and leave it in the hands of the government.

At Cherkowski Marsden LLP, our skilled estate lawyers can assist you in creating a comprehensive, carefully thought-out Will that addresses all of your personal and business concerns and ensures your estate will be treated exactly as you wish upon your death. With a custom estate plan in place, you will have peace of mind in knowing the well-being and financial security of your loved ones are protected, potential conflict amongst beneficiaries has been minimized, and the financial burden faced by your estate has been reduced.

Knowledgeable Will and Estate Lawyers Guiding Clients Through Simple and Complex Will Design 

The knowledgeable estate lawyers at Cherkowski Marsden LLP have over 50 years of combined experience helping people in Vernon create Wills designed to protect their families’ futures. Everyone, no matter their stage in life or income bracket, should have a Will to retain control over the administration of their estate. We work with clients with both modest and robust estate planning needs, advising on matters including asset distribution, business considerations, foreign assets and trust considerations. For clients with business assets and those in need of assistance with succession planning, we also offer the benefit of our considerable business law experience. It is impossible to predict all of life’s variables but having an estate plan in place takes a great deal of stress out of the unknown.

Making the Design of Your Will Practical, Comfortable and Accessible 

Making a Will does not have to be a difficult process. Our approachable and friendly atmosphere is designed to reduce the unease of planning for the inevitable. We sit down with clients at the start of the process, in our suit-free, welcoming office, and carefully examine all of the factors needing consideration to ensure all of their interests and needs are protected and addressed. We take care to avoid unnecessary language, and never use five-dollar words when two-dollar words will suffice.  Our focus is on clarity, not stilted formality, to ensure clients understand their Will and administrators understand their wishes.

Clients leave our office with the relief of knowing they have taken the steps necessary to protect their family in the event of their death and that their instructions for the administration of their estate have been clearly and thoroughly set out according to their wishes.

The Importance of Reviewing Old Wills 

Life is constantly changing, and so too should your Will. It is important to review and update your Will as your life and financial status evolves. The birth of a child, receipt of an inheritance, or the purchase of a family cottage can all have a significant impact on a person’s estate plan and should be addressed in their Will. A person who has gone through a divorce will most certainly want to adjust their Will to distribute assets directly to their children, for example, rather than their former spouse. We regularly advise clients on how to best reconfigure their estate plan to reflect their current circumstances at critical junctures in their lives.

Wills Lawyers in Vernon & Salmon Arm Helping You Plan Your Estate to Minimize Financial Burdens and Maximize Protection 

Contact the knowledgeable estate planning lawyers at Cherkowski Marsden LLP in Vernon & Salmon Arm for trusted legal advice and guidance on your estate planning needs, including how best to maximize clarity and minimize financial implications for your estate trustees and heirs. We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve your goals with respect to your interests and the protection of your loved ones. We can be reached online or by phone at 250-308-0338 (Vernon office) or 250-803-9171 (Salmon Arm office).