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One of the quickest and most effective ways to expand a business is to acquire or merge with another existing business. Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions to be sure, but with the right lawyer advising you, it doesn’t have to feel that way.  Mergers and acquisitions will have a significant and immediate impact on a business, but they also require a substantial amount of work. A merger or acquisition necessitates thorough research into the other business, highly skilled negotiations, document drafting, and compliance oversight with respect to any applicable regulatory bodies.

At Cherkowski Marsden LLP, our seasoned merger and acquisition lawyers will guide you through all aspects of an M&A transaction.  We work closely with our clients to help them understand the process and the inherent risks involved, and provide effective legal counsel to manage risk, protect their interests, and help their venture succeed. We are responsive, strategic, and will ensure the entire process is clear and manageable.

Merger vs. Acquisition

The difference between a merger and an acquisition generally comes down to ownership and control. In other words, which company will control the business after the transaction?

A merger refers to a situation in which two businesses decide to integrate under the shared control of the owners of both operations.

An acquisition, on the other hand, involves one company purchasing another, with the acquired company falling under their sole control.

Benefits of M&As

There are multiple benefits to merging or acquiring another business, such as:

  • Diversification of your existing business
  • Increased purchasing power and access to new vendors
  • Reduction of competition in the field
  • Growing your customer base and market share

Ensuring your business interests are protected

At Cherkowski Marsden LLP we regularly help corporate clients navigate complex business transactions, and can provide in-depth guidance through the entire lifespan of a deal including:

  • Deal structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Financing
  • Document drafting
  • Purchase agreements
  • Closing
  • Post-closing organization

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